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Ink and Light

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rui wu


Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


China - Mainland

Ink and Light

Project Description

The forest of steles located in the ancient city of Xi'an is famous for its countless calligraphy and painting inscriptions. But recently, the quaint forest of steles will undergo a lot of changes. As fewer and fewer people came to the forest of steles, the government decided to raze the quaint houses around the forest of steles and replace it with a new commercial district. Looking back on the past, ancient artists got inspiration through personal experience of the real natural things, extracted the charm behind them from the forms of all things, and presented them with the shade of pen and ink and the circulation of black and white. Today, however, people indulge in the light of the mobile phone screen. The ancient civilization of China is undergoing great changes with the whole world. In the fast-paced process of urbanization and the dissemination of information, the ancient civilization will be submerged by the electronic tide, and this piece of land that has been pregnant with a far heavy and beautiful land has been abandoned. Today, here, can we awaken this neighborhood with light and recreate the ink world that contains Chinese thinking about heaven and earth? We try to turn the negative sunlight into a medium that can feel traditional Chinese ink, and a simple material enters our field of vision-plastic film. Due to the natural folds of the plastic film itself, when light is sprinkled on the plastic film, the adaptive fold will show stronger reflection on some sides, diffuse reflection on some sides, and darken in some places where the light is weaker. The combination of plastic film and light produces the basic change of black, white and gray in ink painting, and light as a medium is like water that controls the thickness of ink. At the same time, the plastic film is also transparent, through the material, the surrounding things also show a hazy state, which coincides with the looming expression of Chinese ink painting. The lightness of the plastic film makes it possible for our design to intervene gently in this quaint neighborhood. We first set up structural units-balloons filled with helium and air-a presence that floats lightly in the air. The monomers are connected by strips to form a complete cover, and some monomers are covered with plastic film, forming a state of layer upon layer. Finally, just use a wire to gently connect the device to the ground. The curtain of light gently floats in the quaint courtyard of the Forest of Steles, showing full respect for its heavy history. With only a slight change, everything is very different. Cascading curtains of light gradually lead people to the world of ink. When people touch the curtain, the curtain produces light and shadow ripples like ink, the curtain is like paper and people's hands are like pens, and people use light and shadow to paint in the courtyard. In the layers of curtains, the people, the mottled old walls and the undulating roofs in the distance seemed to be hidden in the hazy clouds. Each person who walks into the installation is not only the viewer of light and shadow ink, but also the painter who paints during it, but also the painting itself looming in the ink cloud. People are skillfully connected with the ink world through light and shadow. The material of the device is selected from the recycling of waste plastic products in the city, and we use something abandoned by the city to save a spirit that is gradually forgotten by the city. At the same time, as a soft cover, our device can also filter light and block Rain Water, providing shade and shelter for visitors. In the ever-changing light and shadow of ink painting, people are reunited with traditional calligraphy and painting, and meet with thousands of years of philosophy. under the light curtain, the ancient neighborhoods are awakened, and the past and future of the city are sewn back together.