Daylight in Buildings - Honourable mention

Melody of The Light Weaving

Regional Winner Asia + Oceania


Sungjoo Han, Rayoun Hwang, Hagyung Seo, YeongInn Moon


Tony Woonghee Cho


Hongik University


South Korea

Melody of The Light Weaving

Project Description

The project begins with the story of children in Casablanca. They play by garbage dumps because they have nowhere else to play. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening and losing their humanity around the world. We wanted to provide children in underprivileged areas with a new play facility where they could have rich sensory experiences through light. The space is filled with natural light during the day and bright outside at night, lighting the scene of the village, which was stark and unstable. We hope that this space of vitality will make energy in the village and further reduce the gap between regions.