Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania


Qingdao University of Technology


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The inspiration of this design comes from the glass house located in the Imperial Street of the Southern Song Dynasty in Hangzhou, China. The imperial Street of the Southern Song Dynasty was a special imperial road for the emperor to go to court 800 years ago. The ruins of the road in the Southern Song Dynasty are still preserved under the current glass house, so as to enhance people’s perception and resonance of ancient culture by preserving such ancient roads.For this design, the site was chosen as the famous Acropolis Street in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China. Yulin, as a famous historical and cultural city in China, has rich cultural heritage. Yulin Acropolis Street has six buildings, respectively drum Tower, Kai Ge Tower, bell tower, Xingming Tower, Ten thousand Buddha Tower, Wenchang Pavilion, forming the sixth floor riding street scenery, very shocking.Based on this, six cultural theme areas were formed around the sixth floor of the street, including frontier customs, military theme, etc. Based on this theme, I designed the theme of road lighting.About the design of specific content, I think based on the pressure device, the characteristic of yulin culture model or cultural relics under the road, through the tempered glass face protection, at the same time under pressure device, people after stepped on glass bottom lighting device lights up, the different shape color light source to the model on the location of the ancient city of miniature model haun live, It allows people to see and understand ancient city culture from a very high perspective.The idea was initially to use VR technology, but it now seems to be used only in LABS or concrete environments, where ordinary people have little chance to learn about it, let alone the immersive experience VR brings. This device combines interactivity with immersive experience to bring people more intuitive and real feelings.The utility model discloses an induction ground lamp, which introduces the microwave induction system into the lighting automatic control device, solves the technical problem that the control signal of the existing induction system cannot penetrate the thick glass brick of the ground lamp. The utility model comprises a lamp shell and an electrical component installed in the shell. The principle of the utility model for microwave sensor signal the micro should be selected through the long loop antenna to set range, when the signal in a moving object will produce microwave frequency offset, the frequency offset signal back into microwave sensor, microwave sensor will automatically start lighting system and delay device, in order to realize lighting control; The utility model has compact structure design, regular circuit and complete safety protection facilities, and is suitable for use in families and public places.