A Path to Development

A Path to Development

Daylight investigations - Region 5: Africa

Taylor Bishop

Jean Wiid

Greenside Design Centre, College of Design

South Africa

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A path to development is a community development design created for you, meaning anyone and everyone.

South Africa has overcome numerous obstacles, but there are still many regions that require immediate assistance. One of the most serious issues in South Africa is a lack of human growth, or, to be more precise psychological development.

Unfortunately, the physiological development of South Africa is a result of a ripple effect of other challenges that the country is experiencing, such as a lack of jobs, education, access to good working facilities, and capital. All of these issues have been taken into account in this design ‘path to development’.

A pathway to design is a feature added to a beautifully built pedestrian bridge with the aim of connecting a big community or group of people.

Once you enter the bridge, you will be greeted by a uniquely structured roof with incisions of a combination of African-inspired (patterns and colors) and psychological development patterns (used as a start to the path) created to encounter the sun as it rises and sets throughout the day.

The patterns will then shine through the incisions, and the light from the sun will then create a pathway and pattern for you to follow, trace, encounter, and overall enjoy. You will be continually exercising and stimulating the brain if you follow and trace this pattern, however it may be mirrored.

Each pattern has a different color (created by the inserted polycarbonate material) to make it easier to follow and understand. The color choices also aid the psychological issue. This is a South African-inspired design that may be shared and enjoyed by everybody.