A Romantic Substitute

A Romantic Substitute

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

YuShanShan Zhao
RengQi Dai

Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


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The city government spends huge sums of money every year on the lighting project of the city’s historic sites,Why not use the light you already have in your life to light up the sites?When you turn on the light, some of the light falls outside the window, and it’s not being used. We can use these lights to replace expensive decorative lights . Combined with the caustic effect of mirror paper, they not only light up the ruins, but also create a quiet and romantic viewing atmosphere.Han Chang ‘an City ruins, as the only site in Xi ‘an city that has not laid large area of lighting, is surrounded by residential areas, and there are many tourists in the scenic area. We choose this site as the base, where the flickering and changing light and shadow dance with the melodious music, and people shuttle back and forth, feeling the quiet beauty of time frozen at this moment.