Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Park Se Young
kim Areum
Yoon yeo won

Kaywon University of Art & Design

Korea, Republic of

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Since the beginning of the world, mankind has lived looking up at the sky. Countless stars have become folktales and indicators, seeping into the lives of mankind. However, as civilization has developed and cities have been lit 24 hours around the clock, it has become difficult to observe the marvelous night sky and stars. Seventy percent of the current population has never seen the Milky Way Galaxy. and there aren’t many places left where you can experience the marvel of brilliant starlight and the night sky like our ancestors have. In addition, light pollution destroys the biological rhythms of animals and plants, disrupting the ecosystem, damaging the health of humans, and sometimes becoming the cause of energy waste.The denser the population is, the worse light pollution becomes. About 15,839 people live per km² in Seoul, the capital of Korea, where the lights never go out. The square in front of Seoul City Hall, the center of the capital, is one of the few open spaces in downtown Seoul, which is packed with buildings.Around Seoul Plaza, there are government offices, international hotels, historical spaces, and commercial areas.It is currently made up of a lawn square surrounded by a stone floor.There are a total of five points in the square accessible by foot, and a project space is placed at the overlapping point connecting them.We would like to present a space in the middle of the city of Seoul where you can indirectly experience the beauty of starlight in the night sky.Through the restoration of the enormous size and energy of nature created by an artificial nature in a 20 meter size pavilion, we intend to evoke emotions such as admiration and awe.We would also like to help create a therapeutic experience and help with thinking through light therapy through nature and starlight.At the same time, we intend to create a space that encourages in-depth thinking about our problems by raising awareness of artificial light pollution.By inserting our condensers into the bulged roof structure, surrounding light is effectively collected and light from the outside is drawn into the pavilion.Light filtered by the condenser and roof structure is represented as light from the Milky Way within nature inside the pavilion.To mimic the natural phenomena of the starry night sky, the Milky Way is represented in a contradictory way, using artificial light from light pollution.The structure of the pavilion is represented by a circle symbolizing the universe, the planet, and the sky.The pavilion is placed underground to emphasize the characteristics of the void Seoul Plaza in contrast to the building forest of the city.In addition, by being placed underground, artificial light is effectively blocked.It allows you to walk into the pavilion following a slope that starts above the ground and leads to the underground.Arriving at the center of the area, you will be able to witness a scenery where countless groups of starlight pour down from the ceiling, filling a space that is dark enough to see the Milky Way Galaxy.The artificial night sky, created by drawing light from the outside to the inside, reminds us of the sublime emotions and sensations we felt under the vast universe.It is a peaceful interior area for various activities and rest that allows you to sit and chat or lie down and meditate while looking at the night sky.In this way, modern people experience light therapy through artificial nature in the middle of the city.

Fresnel lens – Condenses light to the light diffusion plate through an optical lens composed of small and narrow concentric grooves.Light Diffusion Plate – Light condensed through the Fresnel lens is represented by a point light source, which diffuses light from the light source along the surface of the light diffusing plate. It helps to spread the light so that the color and brightness can diffuse evenly to the ceiling surface.Roof Structure – The light diffused through the Light Diffusion Plate is filtered through multiple tiny holes in the ceiling surface and poured down. Starlight from the night sky poured down through the holes evokes a feeling of awe to people.