Catch the Light

Catch the Light

Daylight investigations - Region 2: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Michał Szojda

Rafał Radziewicz - Winnicki

Silesian University of Technology


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WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT LIGHT?From the very beginning of human race, it was clear that The Sun plays crucial role in our life.For centuries people developed many theories about what The Sun actually is, some even consideredour star as a god, however all of them came to a conclusion that it is something existential. It did nottake long time for humankind to discover the day cycle and realize that The Sun is the light provider duringday and The Moon is the light provider during night. Today our knowledge is much bigger and we areaware that The Moon only offers a reflection of light that is emitted by The Sun. We also know thatthis light is a form of energy that we can convert, yet we do not seem to realize it's full potential.

DAYLIGHT DURING NIGHTAs I mentioned earlier The Moon is just a reflection of the light released by The Sun, same light wesee when the day comes. As civilization developed, the amount of light that reached earth, especiallywhen The Moon dominated the sky, was not big enough. That caused rapid development of artificiallights, powered by energy, energy that is still mainly released from combustion of fossil fuels. Todaywe are capable of making nights as bright as days whenever we want to, but everything has its price.

HIDDEN POTENTIALThe Earth is bleeding. As it is not very likely to significantly lower the energy usage around the world,we need to redefine the way we provide electricity to our cities. What if we were wrong about nothaving enough light during 24 hours periods? What if we get enough light, but we just can not catch it?Every day The Sun shines and the light is reflected by every object we can see. As we know light itself is aform of energy we have access to every day for free. We have the technology to convert this energyto electricity and yet we allow this great potential to be wasted.

TO BE LIKE THE MOONWe, citizens of The Earth, are facing urgent need to utilize wasted potential in order to preserve life onour globe. Widespread of quantum dots on surfaces reached by sunlight will allow us to collectenergy from the light and UV rays. Each surface that conducts electricity can be painted with paintcontaining quantum dots, between every two layers of glass we can place a layer of quantum dotswhich will convert sunlight energy and harmful UV rays into electricity. That way we can use asignificant part of our cities to create electricity without creating any pollution. Imagine everywindow, every metal beam or even streetlight collecting energy provided by daylight. Like The Moonreflects daylight, we should collect sun energy and release it when it is needed, creating indirectreflection of the daylight. Our goal should be to create world where all light is either daylight ordaylight reflection. Considering technology we already have and capability of rapid developmentbetter tomorrow is almost here if we want.