Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Xuewei Liu
Longzhou Chen
Jinyu Wu

Miaomiao Zhang

City University of Hefei


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In addition to physical health problems, modern people are increasingly concerned about people. The emergence of hollow disease reveals that people’s actions in modern urban life often need a purpose to drive, people call the machine’s divisor machine, feeling that life is meaningless, lost the poetic pursuit of life. Therefore, we analyze traditional culture, sunlight, and buildings, try to solve problems. 1. Chinese landscape painters, especially the core of the Ming Dynasty, the core of the Ming Dynasty, “Tour” – Decomposing the purpose of the purpose, and the meaning of the surrounding environment. At the same time, the mountain water painting itself is the understanding of the Chinese ancients. We hope to express the mood of the mountain water painting through light. 2. In order to solidify the above-mentioned artist, we build a building entity by imitating the “Journey zhanggong hole volume chart”. At the same time, modern buildings are often grasped as a carrier as a function, we want to give the building to make it feel as the buildings of the building. Just like the mountains in the landscape painting, the mountain already exists before people grasp the mountain. 3. The existence of the sun, imitating the profile of “Journey zhanggong hole volume chart” mountain, using the pool to collect rain water through gravity, and “draw” into the rain. Constructing a place with a full set of light to the form of light imitation mountain water paintings in the case of light. Wake up people feel subtle but indispensable things in space. Thus arising from different people different thinking, it is in the heart, just like the heart is also bright!