Healing House

Healing House

Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania


Taiwan Asia University

Taiwan, Province of China

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Concept: There are always many problems in life, but they can’t tell the troubles for close people.The mentality of reporting good news and not reporting worries leads many people to move forward with pressure and weight. I hope that this space can allow people to get some comfort through talking to strangers, and the process of healing themselves and others.Social software still can’t replace the self-feeling of close communication between people and people. Let each other feel each other’s existence through shadows.Wrap new space in the form of arc to improve secrecy.The tree is a symbol of the vigorous growth of all things in nature, seasonal decay and regeneration in the coming year, from a tree to see the meaning and value of life, the original smaller than the ant buds, gradually grow into a giant tree standing on the top of the earth. The roots that lurk in the underground, the torso that grows and grows upwards and grows stronger, the jagged branches that stretch arbitrarily, and the leaves that dance and change makeup with the seasons, all reveal the Creator’s ingenious design for the tree.