Daylight in buildings - Region 5: Africa

Lindokuhle Masemola

Jean Wiid

Greenside Design Centre, College of Design

South Africa

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To improve the overall wellbeing of people living in rural areas while conserving South Africa’s HERITAGEand continuum of TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE, rondavels and mud houses should become the standard insquatter camps.However, rondavels and mud houses do carry their own set of problems such as a lack of VENTILATION and a lackof DAYLIGHT.The proposed solution is to start using rondavels as a standard of housing in rural settlements. A SKYLIGHT thatalso allows for ventilation can be introduced in rondavels to improve the amount of daylight received.The goal for this skylight is to be constructed entirely from the land or easy accessible materials. People in ruralsettlements suffer from a lack of identity and place. By offering a solution that can be made by the people and communitywill enforce positive community engagement and shift people’s view of their homes and the architecture of their homes.The goal is also provide pride in people of the poorer areas. Hopefully this will allow for the natural evolution of SouthAfrican traditional architecture.“The world has no end, and what is good among onepeople is an abomination with others.”– Chinua Achebe, Things Fall ApartKwa