Light Flow of Life

Light Flow of Life

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Chengyun Qu
Hengxiang Zhang
Peilin Peng

Luoxi Hao
Yi Lin

Tongji University


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During the COVID-19 epidemic, many people are required to be in single-person quarantine for more than 14 days to avoid the spread of the epidemic and to keep healthy. In this case, the isolated individuals are exposed to physical and mental health problems such as insomnia, depression, and disturbance of biorhythms.This design aims to use the indoor landscape formed by daylight and bio-light as an effective method to restore the life rhythm of the people through the absorption and conversion of daylight by bio-light. Moreover, the participation of “LUMINOUS ALGAE” makes the device bring the experience of attaching to natural plants, which can effectively alleviate the loneliness in quarantine.

Day in Light and Shadow-Through the small pressure device fixed to the wall, clean water flows in the circular light band inside the room. Sunlight enters the light band through specular reflection, and then is refracted by the uneven tube wall and water repeatedly, casting sparking light scene on the floor and wall of the isolated room.At the same time, water containing luminous algae is confined outside through a check valve. Luminous algae is able to absorb solar energy by being exposed to direct sunlight.

Night in Circulation-The pressure device is connected to the clock a along. From 6 p.m. on, the device takes on another mission: pumping a stream of water containing luminescent algae every 30 minutes into the light band.Luminescent algae glows when pumped in, creating a dreamlike light path on the ceiling. Within 30 minutes, the light path will fade from bright to dark until the next pump. Over time, this path will gradually fill the entire band. The next morning, the check valve helps collect all the luminescent algae, re-forming the state that luminescent algae is outdoors and the clean water is indoors, completing the cycle.