Light Lesson

Light Lesson

Daylight in buildings - Region 2: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Alicja Kaźmierczak
Patrycja Kuczyńska
Barbara Leszczyńska

Politechnika Gdańska


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“A child’s job is to play. Children learn through everything they do.” This quote by Carolyn Hooper inspired us to put children in the spot of our project. We consider them as the light of our tomorrow. Unfortunately, it very often happens that educational institutions are underexposed, which translates into well-being and efficiency of kids and teachers. That is why our project relates to primary school as a space where children usually come into contact with learning for the first time but considering the access to natural light as one of the main principles. With implementing basic geometrical shapes to typical school common spaces like corridors or classes, we want to encourage them to discover the world through experiencing it, not only through textbooks. Lesson of geometry not only in theory but in practice as well. The shadows that are formed through the ceiling openings or panels at the windows change during the day as the position of the sun changes. Thanks to that, the space does not become boring throughout the day and access to natural light improves mood and readiness for studying. Research has shown that the access to natural light during the day significantly affects the development of a child, both mentally and physically. Combining sunlight as a natural resource and science as the foundations of today’s world, our project answers the needs of a young human being through sustainable and inclusive architecture.