Little Sun

Little Sun

Daylight in buildings - Region 3: The Americas

Martin Bórquez
Alejandra Jara
Rayen Díaz

Amaya Glaría

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María


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The densification of the main cities of the world has been suffering a chaotic increase in the last decade. The housing complexes, also known as vertical ghettos, have affected not only the environment but also the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Simultaneously, large buildings generate residual spaces and poorly illuminated houses, creating great amounts of pollution due to the excessive energy waste produced by the use of artificial lights.

To face this problem, a system of heliostats capable of reflecting only the luminosity of the sun’s rays from the roof of the buildings towards the facades that finally redirect towards the lower domes is proposed, in order to reactivate these public and/or community spaces thanks to the natural lighting produced, while reducing the energy consumed in the homes.

At the same time, by allowing the reflection of light towards the surface homogeneously, the domes function as solar chimneys, meaning that they generate the entry of natural light into common spaces that are developed in the basements of the buildings.