Nagasaki - Exploring Loss in the Past & Peace for the Future

Nagasaki - Exploring Loss in the Past & Peace for the Future

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Marianne Nicotera

University of Western Sydney


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The Nagasaki population in Japan has experienced a tragic history of events. Despite the bombing of 1945, tsunamis, and earthquakes, Nagasaki continues to rebuild and unite as a more robust community every time. While many people are coming together, many still experience the loss of their homes and loved ones. As they promote peace and healing, the many people who have lost their lives should not be forgotten.

This museum of emotions exhibits both the loss experienced and the peace encouraged for the future. The exploration of light and the absence of light are utilised to express these negative and positive emotions. In addition, the proposed building undertakes its existing context, especially the closely linked memorial site, through an unmarked walk-through.

The dark space explores the loss experienced by the people of Nagasaki. It aims to understand how people have lost their loved ones, homes, sense of community, and even themselves. However, the light space celebrates the strength of the community. Inspired by existing memorial sites, it also seeks to promote healing and peace.