Redesigning bus stop

Redesigning bus stop

Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Alina Tauqir
Raviha Ali
Muhammad Mahroz Waleed Khan

National College of Arts


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[6:43 pm, 17/05/2022] Alina: The bus stop we chose is located in G9/1 Islamabad, Pakistan. The site for the bus stop is surrounded by both commercial and residential areas. Commercial market, Pakistan post office, schools, hostels, hospitals and guest houses are located nearby. People from almost all age groups and social classes use this spot. It is the stop for school buses, university buses and as well as different cab services. The location is an ideal one, however, the bus stop itself lacks a few very significant features. Due to its easy accessibility and other pros, we decided to remodel the bus stop to make it more convenient for the people using it. Our bus stop faces South-west, in our version of the bus stop, the bus stop is protected from direct sunlight, as it doesn’t intersect with the sun path. For the frame structure, we have used steel because of its strength in both tension and compression. To it, we have added Teflon and PTFE shades. Although teflon is not very cost effective, it has a number of advantages; it is a very good insulator and can handle a wide range of temperatures suiting the weather conditions in Islamabad. It is non-porous, so this quality also shades the bus stop from rain. Teflon makes the shades durable and long lasting as it is resistant to corrosion and acid reactions. The placement for our shades is in such a way that the stop is protected from direct sun and wind too, 2 shades are slanted and there’s another shade to cover the left out uncovered space, however there is space for wind to enter and exit from almost all dimensions due to which the space has good air ventilation. A feature that was missing from the already existing bus stop was a sitting space. We have included seats in our bus stop which will be made out of clay. Clay is a cheap material that is readily available. Light enters from various parts, providing the space with a very moderate amount of light that is sufficient for the stop and gives it a cooler feeling.