Daylight investigations - Region 1: Western Europe.

Esra Ustundag

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences


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The SKY-COLLECT product was inspired by an ancient multi-level underground city called Derinkuyu in Cappadocia, Turkey. The underground city was carved around the 7th and 8th centuries BCE. The mysterious underground city was connected to the outside with ventilation tunnels reaching to the above-ground which provides not only ventilation but also a little source of daylight.The proposal is a skylight collector which was designed to collect and transport the daylight to underground buildings and spaces, where it is almost impossible to receive daylight from outside. The optics system works in the daytime, anytime from sunrise to sunset in any location in the world. The rays first hit the concave mirror in the middle, then reflect from the second mirror placed at an inward angle to reflect all the light inside the mirror tunnel. The mirror tunnel’s depth can change according to how deep the underground building is located. Finally, the mirror tunnel completes the job to shine all the daylight above the ground to inside the building. This also leads to some pleasant lighting effects. Underground buildings can be one of the hardest places to live. With this product, it can be a solution to increase the well-being of living things in the future underground spaces.