Sunlights Bath

Sunlights Bath

Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania



Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts


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In China, the demand for urban office buildings is constantly increasing. In the face of the increasing urban population and limited land resources, high-rise office buildings take advantage of the efficient and intensive use of land resources. In urban development and construction, it will gradually become the mainstream of office buildings over a long period. The design trend in the architecture industry is also gradually showing a high focus on people. The users’ sense of identity and belonging to the space become the focus, which is embodied in the comfort of the space the rationality of sunshine, as well as the attraction of the space to the crowd, and the accommodation of activities.With the continuous development of the economy. the health of office workers has become a major concern of Chinese residents. According to the health survey report of office workers in 2021, nearly 80% of the population has physical problems such as osteoporosis and fatigue;Nearly 65% of the population have psychological problems such as insomnia and anxiety, and osteoporosis tends to be the most significant problem in young people. People begin to pursue natural and comfortable, open and shared building and office environments and realize the importance of natural sunshine again.Improper lighting will not only cause waste of resources but also damage human psychological mood and physical health.

The core of the design is a shared high-rise office building capable of “photosynthesis”, integrating the concept of enhancing natural lighting into the architectural design process. Based on the lighting characteristics of the research area, the illumination required by the office building and various standards is considered, to improve the psychological and physical comfort of the office space while satisfying the basic office. In addition to satisfying the illumination, the conditions such as glare and illumination uniformity are fully considered to bring sunlight into the young people’s office space with a comfortable feeling and bathe in the sunshine while working. In the design process, first of all, the office space will be modular, will be different office needs according to lighting, window opening mode classification and modular space design. Before the design of the functional module, the ways of opening Windows that affect illumination and how to adjust glare and illumination uniformity are explored deeply. In the selection of Windows, the use of Velux integral intelligent skylight combined with indoor organ curtain, to ensure indoor lighting at the same time, to meet different lighting needs to form different functional modules. The functional modules are configured in parallel with the plane planning of various functions to adapt to the office process. Connecting public places by parallel arrangement to provide more open space; Secondly, starting from the overall architecture of the building, the central lighting well and the overhead layer are added to form the overall lighting structure with a public activity space and four core tube lighting structures as the center, and the intermittent overhead layer as the auxiliary, to bathe in the sunshine while working. Based on practical problems, the design aims to solve the health problems of office workers behind the rapid economic development and put forward corresponding solutions. It hopes to play a positive role in the development of urban office buildings by studying the natural lighting strategy of high-rise shared office buildings.