The memory of the light

The memory of the light

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

AnDong Xing
Yi He

Aalto University


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Background: On March 21, 2022, a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 MU5735 flying from Kunming to Guangzhou crashed in Teng County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province, with 132 people on board.Things like this happen all the time in the world, there is nothing we can do to change the accident, but we do not care enough about the families of the victims, whether they will be forever immersed in grief.

The concept comes from the word infinite, which seems to want to express infinite, but the real core is not, there are three meanings here.The first meaning is a person after death, his consciousness to drift in this world, but surviving relatives cycle in infinite grief, we can’t forget, so the overall architectural form is not a complete infinite shape, on the right side with a small mouth, represents the life have to move on, don’t immersed in pain, let them down, They come out of the cracks to see a better world, a new life is waiting for them, and I think that’s what the dead want to see.The second meaning is a kind of interpretation of the life, we often define life is life, it is short, but your life is defined as a kind of consciousness is a kind of does not exist a substance with the world, although your physical death, but what you bring to the world, prove you in the form of a indelible forever, we treat also want with the fear of life, To live a positive life in this short life, to be able to leave a substance called spirit for the offspring.Third meaning is a closed circle on the left,shaped like a “safety buckle”, in this accident (plus the story of safety buckle). “Safety” is the most important thing for all travelers, and we hope that every traveler, every person going to other places and returning home can get to their destination smoothly and safely. The meaning of “peace” is also the hope of relatives.Consider from the form material:Light, as a natural substance, is appropriate to express remembrance. Therefore, based on the infinite form, we made the form of double walls, and the enclosed passageway is used as a path for people to visit and remember.Stone wall part: the overall height is 4M, the simple material of plain concrete is adopted, which makes people feel fresh and quiet when entering the interior. The semi-enclosed form also gives people a feeling of stepping into the church, which creates a spatial meaning of remembrance.Glass brick wall part: The overall height of 2.5 M, the style of the medial wall integral use vitreous brick, also do not have to fill up the whole wall, but a random cut, in the sun under the irradiation of mottled shadow play on coagulation body wall, give a person a kind of quiet feeling, who walk in their own position of dead loved ones, the sun through the glass block together, shot in the human body to produce the feeling of warm, It’s as if they have an invisible connection. Passing through the roof at night, the sun absorbs energy throughout the day, lighting the name of each victim through a wire, and giving more light to relatives as they touch. This form of remembrance was born.