Urban Negatives:urban memory etched by light

Urban Negatives:urban memory etched by light

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Yawen Qiao
Shuyang Yan
Haoyu Zhang
Deng Teng

Huang Xuan
Jun Wang

Southwest Jiaotong University


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Photography is the art of recording light with light-sensitive materials. Based on the theory of Heliography realized by using Bitumen of Judea, we designed a way to create a physical image that records the changes of the city by taking advantage of the light-sensitive properties of bitumen in daylight and the consequent formation of an uneven interface. The image panels created in this way clearly distinguish the existing scenery and new buildings or structures in the city, and change with the development of the city at the same time, showing different depth of the image. We will use time as part of our design, not only to make a passive response or display to time, but to include time as part of the experience, to visualize the feeling of time as part of the design. Time makes the past city no longer a flat record, the traces of memory remain in a perceptible physical way, and the historical record of urban development is a touchable space.