Young filmmakers Association

Young filmmakers Association

Daylight in buildings - Region 2: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Mehran Abili

Shahid Beheshti University

Iran, Islamic Republic of

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The main purpose of this project was to design an underground center for Young filmmakers. The project’s site was close to the “Pardis Mellat” cinema in “Mellat Park” in Tehran. Pardis Mellat Cineplex is one of the best entertainment complexes in Iran, which holds national film festivals annually. The main idea was to create a cinematic atmosphere in this place. In this regard, I divided the project into two main spaces connected by a narrow and tall corridor to bring the natural light into the internal spaces. Besides, I used minimal elements like white color doors and windows to create a cinematic atmosphere. Since lighting is a fundamental tool in filming that makes a visual mood, atmosphere, and sense of meaning for the audiences, skylights on the roof break the contrast of white materials with natural brightness and bring about an imaginary space.