Daylight Investigations

A glowing storm from the past


nourhan mokhles, nada ibrahim, yousef zakaria, yasser mohamed, Nourhan Mohamed


Sherif farag


Alexandria University



A glowing storm from the past

Project Description

- This project is one of the projects that are looking at the physical properties of light and advanced materials technology for the process of absorbing solar energy and preserving it as much time as possible and re-radiating it again throughout the day, whether this be day or night and light has been used in this project in the entertainment aspect The cultural related to the sinking of a part of the city of Alexandria on the east coast of the port, which Alexander the Great founded, but over time the sea level rose to cover it completely to sink into the depths and disappear with it a great heritage that our ancestors built and it is a heritage that expresses our ancestors and describes how life was in the past and how ideas were People, their rituals, building style and living time - Therefore, it is our duty, as their grandchildren, to shed light once more on that precious heritage and revive their memory by opening the way for water tourism for people in order to see with their own eyes our heritage and know how our forefathers were great glory. - Since the conditions of the city of Alexandria do not allow the transfer of these monuments, as the sea water is not clear, which prevents good visibility,so this idea that expresses a storm of angry light was neglected to neglect these effects, so wavelength swirls of light illuminate around them through the formation of a halo of light that allows good visibility of the effects, whether this is in the day or at night by making these swirls from materials It absorbs solar energy in a short period and re-transmits light for a long time in the sea throughout the day, allowing visitors to take a diving tour at any time and enjoy watching the great heritage on a trip to the past of Alexandria.