Daylight Investigations

Angel Chasing in the Sunlight


ZhengNan Yang, JiaHe Liang, YuanHang Li, Kaifan Yang


ShanChao Xin


Tianjin University


China - Mainland

Angel Chasing in the Sunlight

Project Description

Ciburuy is a small village in garut City, West Java province, Indonesia. There are many albino children in this sparsely populated village, which is the place with the highest prevalence of albinism in Indonesia. Almost everyone in ciburuy is a carrier of albinism gene, which has become an isolated "albinism village". Strong direct sunlight can cause skin cancer, so local albino children can not go out for a long time in the daytime, or only under the eaves. Because the school is far away from the village, there is no shelter on the way to school, and the discrimination of children of the same age, they are forced to suspend school or have no playmates.For the problems of albino patients in ciburuy village, we borrowed the local mountains and used the Indonesian rattan and the dichroic film as the covering material, has constructed a space that allows albino patients to pass freely in the sun. This is not only a necessary road for the albino villagers to pass comfortably and the only way for the albino children to go to school, but also a shared space for happiness. The blurred color light cast by the special material film filtering ultraviolet rays attracts children and adults. The haze like light in the channel gives people a calm and comfortable feeling. It belongs to the time and space of albino patients, and is a paradise for free walking, staying and entertainment without discrimination and fear.