Daylight Investigations

Anti "Bushido" action


Jiawei Fang


Janne Zhang


Tongji Zhejiang College


China - Mainland

Anti "Bushido" action

Project Description

A few years ago, I went to the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji in Japan. Later, I learned that the appalling "suicide forest" was located at the foot of Fuji. Therefore, I want to express my plan through this competition:Anti "Bushido" action(Restore Mount Fuji and calm down the suicides). First, the Biocircuit board can generate and store electric energy by absorbing the electrons that cannot be absorbed by photosynthesis and transmitted to the root of the tree; Second, find people who stay under the trees through the Frequency hopping infrared detector;Third, the blue light that does not cause optical pollution to the forest is emitted through the LED light to calm the people who are struggling with suicide;Finally, the Trees positioning network system is formed by positioning the transmitter to help tourists, police and Members of the Japanese suicide Committee to get out of the forest, find those who are struggling with suicide ,recover the bodies...