Daylight Investigations

Arch of emotions


Laura Konieczny


Jerzy Cibis


Politechnika Śląska



Arch of emotions

Project Description

Colors allow us to create a specific environment that can provoke particular emotions. Sometimes we just need a little bit more color in our dull lifes. Due to carefully and advisedly picked colors we can live and work better. The psychology of color teaches us about emotions that can be evoked because of certain colors. Some colors can cause joy, happiness, anxiety or vitality, you can find wide variety of emotions connected to colors. From my analysis of colors and the emotions they trigger I came to the conclusion that the most positive emotions are associated with blue, green, yellow and orange. I think we should use these color to brighten our dull everydayness. To do that I came up with the idea of bathing in colors. As the sunshine pierces through the semi transparent material it can change the atmosphere of the whole area with colorful light. It is connected to the way the dichroic filter works. A dichroic filter is a very accurate color filter used to selectively pass light of a small range of colors while reflecting other colors. I present this idea in form of “Arch of emotions” - moveable arches that can be folded and unfolded according to the actual need. They create special magical environment, when you walk under them you are surrounded by colors from all around. They can be easily constructed using plastic pipes, metal corpus and a few wheels. They can stand alone or in groups forming sort of a path or an exhibition area. It is a simple idea for everyone to enjoy even if just for z brief moment when you walk past color in hurry. Brighten up one’s day with a splash of color!