Daylight in Buildings

Artisans' Lab Shoreditch


Sushmita Tripathi, Nourhan Elsayed


Georgia Institute of Technology


United States

Artisans' Lab Shoreditch

Project Description

A futuristic laboratory for the artists to research and perform art experiments, fabricate and install them and put them up for exhibitions primarily focusing on technology-driven interactive and responsive arts. Art workspaces and galleries no longer exist in isolation but as a collaborative, wide space that enables all stages from design to display collectively considering the technology involved. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality taking over the arts in the near future. Demolition of compact, small workspaces/art studios. Creation of light floor plates that enable sensual features and a dark zone that acts as an isolated space considering the upcoming arts that require no light, benefitting energy efficiency and crafting a secluded zone with a separate access from the site entrance level along with transitional spaces on all levels permitted by introducing translucency in the dark corridor avoiding a stark change of ambience between the dark and light plates.