Daylight Investigations



Carina Maria Lungu, Mihaela Albu, Corina Duta


Mihai Chisarau


Universitatea de Arhitectură şi Urbanism Ion Mincu din Bucureşti




Project Description

Since the beginning of time, light has been the universal and fundamental symbol. It represents cosmic energy, creative force, spiritual guidance and divinity. Natural light has a multitude of benefits for health, well-being, and in this scenario, it achieves a higher purpose. Daylight is essential for the functioning of life itself, therefore not only for the body but also for the soul. Nowadays, people have adopted unhealthy habits because they often feel stressed by the modern hectic lifestyle. They are not connected to the spiritual world anymore, so with the help from the light given by the Sun, full enlightenment can be reached. Mental wellness can be obtained by recharging the spirit through the natural light, which leads to complete physical health. The Sun and the Moon have been called by the hellenistic astrologers the rulers of everything and were described as being the authority over the whole life. Also, simple forms of light transportation existed in early Egyptian cultures that used strategies to direct the light in deep spaces such as the thombs of the Pharaohs. The theories mentioned above determine the choice of context. Meanwhile, the two sources of light, the Sun and the Moon, represent the core of the concept, based on three steps: collection, transportation and distribution system of daylight. “AS ABOVE SO BELOW” manifests the belief that the human body is a miniature version of the larger Universe, translating that the physical world reflects the spiritual one and vice versa. As the number of zodiac signs, there are twelve individual sacred spaces shaped as semi-spheres, which are the projection of the ruling planet of each zodiac sign. The Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn, are associated with the daytime, while the Moon, Venus, and Mars, are associated with the nighttime. Mercury, meanwhile, is considered neutral. Being divided in four categories by the essential elements (air, fire, water, earth), the semi-spheres are placed in group of three, encircling the spherical light collector. This central sphere captures daylight with photovoltaic panels which form a shell for the light distribution system. It has two types of movements: one that rotates according to the Sun position so that it can receive daylight, and the other one that revolves around its own axis so that it can transport and intensify the light to one semi-sphere at a time according the ruling planet. The system is formed of three lenses. The photon enters the first lense, the photocathode, and transforms into an electron. The second lense, the micro channel plate, multiplies the electrons. The final lense, the phosphor screen, transforms the multiplied electrons into multiplied photons, which results in enhanced light. The interior space receives the light through an oculus from the source. The directed light amplifies the meditation state of the person associated with the zodiac sign that belongs to the space. This type of space is suited for connecting with your inner spiritual power through light, silence and the right ambiance. In addition, sunlight can be amplified and used in daytime as well as in nighttime. It also can be redirected and controlled as one wants. Furthermore, daylight is the ultimate source of abundance.