Daylight Investigations

Beacon Light


Shengxia Huang, Jun Zhou


Zikai Jin


College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University


China - Mainland

Beacon Light

Project Description

As the global economy develops, marine transport will play an important role in improving the economy of different countries But there are still some problems to be solved: 1.Extreme weather can affect marine transport. Lightning, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. can cause danger to people on board a ship. 2. Thousands of shipping lanes in the world exist. A large number of ships can cause confusion in the shipping lanes and even cause collisions between ships and rocks. 3. The sea is massive, so a ship that is far from port may not receive a message. Experienced captains are needed to guide the ship on the ocean. To solve the problem, our desire is to create beacons along the different ship routes to guide the ships. We don't want to get Titanic'd. There will be red, green and yellow.Different combination of lights can inform captain of the situation at sea. The beacons are powered by solar energy.And we drafted a set of rules about the light of beacon.