Daylight Investigations



fangxinyue cheng, yuehuan wang, yumo liu


huiyi jiao,

yi zhou


Changchun Institute of Technology


China - Mainland


Project Description

Background: In Tibet, multicolored prayer flags are flying under the blue sky. Under the prayer flags, the small hills made of stones are called "Mani Stones". Although these "Mani Stones" are only small buildings built with stones, they can withstand the erosion of wind and rain. Revolving around "Mani Stones" is an essential homework for Tibetan believers every day. They shake the prayer wheels in their hands and recite the six-word mantras. At the same time, they circle the "Mani Stones" in a clockwise direction again and again, thus having a spiritual dialogue with the gods. This kind of spiritual sacrifice is not only more devout than the solemn ceremony, but also closer to the authentic soul of things. As individuals, they also go back to the infinite and authentic soul. In the process of making "Mani Stones", Tibetan craftsmen can carve patterns on any stone. They pray to the Buddha devoutly, when they carve the Mani stones. When the same craftsman carves the same god on different stones, a variety of gods will also be carved out. Every stone under the hands of the craftsman is condensed with deep prayers and blessings, which embodies the looking forward to the better life, the vision and emotion for the future. Creative idea: On the straight road, there have been the black grass, the snow capped mountains all year round, eagles spreading their wings, blue sky and white clouds spreading like oil paintings. Among them, "Mani Stones" are embellished between them. They are calm and detached just like the finishing touch in the whole painting. The kind of breath of life transmitted from the desolation and solitude can almost penetrate human bone marrow. The gods carved on the stones have a few simple and rough lines. They are just like gods in spirit, but they transcend humans and return to humans. They are opposite to the eyes of all the travelers passing by, and they feel like your peers and yourself. The Fluorescence is used to write scriptures and fill in patterns. In a dark environment, the scriptures will emit mysterious light. The believers revolve around "Mani Stones" without a starting point or an ending point. It can only be said that it is a kind of spiritual spiral rise. Revolving around the "Mani Stones" is just the spiritual sacrifice. The thing that turns away is impetuous and dusty desire, and the thing that stays is tranquility and peace. Revolving around the "Mani Stones" has not only become a normal living condition of the Tibetan people, but also been their spiritual refraction. Spirit: The existence of Manitoba is a heavy faith. Tibetans are tolerant of faith. The vent violent blows over, the prayer flags ring in the "hunting", the rope is pulled into an arc,the colorful cloth pieces are flying, as if to break free of all the ties,fly straight to the vast。Only Mani pile stands still and quietly。It stands silently in the winds of the Horizontals, as if gazing into meditation, gazing intently at the boundless history of the depths.  Dynamic and static combination of the picture, the plateau is the most common and the most bizarre scenery.Keep to pray is persistence perseverance and faith.  Countless mani piles were eaten away by wind and rain  , but a majority of Mani piles survived and rebuilt.Beyond time  space and reincarnation, a nation still along their traditional life  on the remote and open plateau。The ancient culture and modern civilization blend wonderfully together. This is why the Tibet has so much magic. Pilgrims walk peacefully through one Mani pile after another, crawl on the ground , and lift up their massive and fierce bodies .Ups and downs, they can strongly feel what kind of thrilling power is contained in the heart . In front of the Mani stones, watching the colorful prayer flags flying in the wind, you can hear a heavenly voice from the soul, about life, about yourself -- have you lost yourself in modern life? Has your soul found refuge in the busy world? Why does Tibet became a pure land  to eulogized, a spiritual home for idealists, and a most desirable place for all colors and cultural backgrounds  people to roam ? The world is not attracted by the vast snow-capped grasslands and ethnic customs, but by the kind of loneliness and cold standing proudly, with a strong sense of melancholy self-examination.