Daylight in Buildings

Blooming Corridor


Fenya Chan, Mei Hsuan Tseng


Wei-Che Wung


National United University



Blooming Corridor

Project Description

The streets of Taipei are like the blood flowing in people's bodies. The day has the prosperity of the day, but what is more splendid is that it never ends in the night. Ximen Town is one of Taipei's downtown areas with bright lights in the daytime and at night. It can highlight the feature of "no night city". Recently, COVID-19 is serious. People are in a panic. Their willingness to go out is reduced. They are afraid of being infected when they go out. Quarantine stations have been set up in succession. In this design, we set up an air quarantine station in Ximen Town, where there are a lot of people and vehicles, so that the vehicles passing here can be quarantined, and also ensure the physical condition of the people moving outside. In the daytime, people walking on the road with glass and metal for many high-rise buildings in Taipei will feel that their eyes suffer from strong light reflection and refraction, as well as large LED TV walls, advertisements, etc., forming an unfriendly light environment, especially in summer. This square in Ximen town is not covered. There are often street performances, charity sales and publicity. With the overlapping, turning, high and low levels of space we create in the air, we create a unique shadow below to provide these people with a comfortable environment during the day. At night, the whole area of Ximen town is bustling, with cars moving in the space, and the lights scattered and reflected in the space by the change of lane, which makes the boring quarantine process a little more interesting and makes it more lively. The design of shape is based on the combination of speed, efficiency and Modernity of Taipei life. Combined with the light and shadow in Taipei City, we hope that the power of light and the setting of quarantine station can make people feel the warmth and positive energy in the city.