Daylight in Buildings



Mei Hsuan Tseng, Fen Ya Chan


Wei-Che Wung


National United University




Project Description

Blooming Corridor The streets of Taipei are like the blood flowing in people's bodies. The day has the prosperity of the day, but what is more splendid is that it never ends in the night. Taipei's "Nightless City" breaks the old definition of daylight, and we have re-established a new definition of day and night. At night, there are led billboards flashing and dazzling lights on the streets in downtown Taipei. The light damage affects people's lives. We make good use of these lights to make it not a scene that people dislike. We set up a quarantine station to introduce traffic into the space, use the light of the lights and the light of the environment to echo each other, create a brilliant atmosphere, and highlight the characteristics of the night city Recently, COVID-19 is serious. People are in a panic. People's willingness to go out is reduced. They are afraid of being infected when they go out. Quarantine stations have been set up in succession. In this design, we set up an air quarantine station in Ximen Town, where there are a lot of people and vehicles, so that the vehicles passing here can be quarantined, and also ensure the physical condition of the people moving outside. Ximen town is one of the crowded places in Taipei, and it can also present the epitome of Taipei's characteristics. The design of shape is based on the combination of speed, efficiency and Modernity of Taipei life. With the creation of overlapping, turning, high-level and hierarchical space in the air, the car moves in the space, and the lights radiate and reflect in the space through the change of lane, making the boring quarantine process more interesting and lively.