Daylight Investigations

Blush in the light


Silvia Corrado


Saverio Pisaniello


Università degli studi di Ferrara



Blush in the light

Project Description

The light marks our life and it change based on the different seasons, so I thought about an architecture ptoject to float each several human feeling when the people are inside. The project is formed by the repeating sequence of a module that is placed on the wooden platform. This project is located in Otranto, the first Italian place that is warmed by the sunshine, the architecture faces the Adriatic sea as well. The living place is an area that is composed by dimensionl minimal spaces. The composition is diveded into two different part: the external membrane in U_glass and the internal heart made of bamboo, also they come from the local place. The size of the bamboo heart is 6x6 mt, inside of it there is a central bathroom for dividing and create the other spaces. The walls of the bathroom are in plasterboard and covered by bamboo. The first place is an open_space kitchen and across the room there is a zone with a bed. the inner architecture seems to no have a defined structure and this is a particular feature, so it is like that everything come into a state of indeterminacy space. In the architecture section is possible to note that the flat foof extends itself until it forms five bamboo strips folded up 45 degrees. The part of the heart is designer to create an interesting interplay of light and a sequences of solid and voids, plus the architecture seems to take a breath through the absence of the bamboo's elemets, in this way it is possible to create a sort of large window. During the summer the shadows are long and they look like to speak because they fit together in a sequence of verticality and horizontality. During the winter the volumetric place is perceived under a different point of view, in fact due to the presence of the stained glass windows in U-glass the architecture reveals itself with human features, thus when the sun sets inside the residence the lights turn on and in this way the architecture looks like to blush, also it is possible to see it from the outside despite the U-glass widows are opaque.