Daylight in Buildings

Borrow Hope From Light


Nai Xiang Gao


Rui Feng Zheng


Zhejiang University of Science and Technology


China - Mainland

Borrow Hope From Light

Project Description

The design is based on the explosion of covid-19. Covid-19 is like a dark cloud covering the whole world, making the world lose its original luster. Hope has become the most important thing at present. How to make hope to illuminate the world through layers of darkness is our research problem. As a result of the outbreak of covid-19, various countries have built some new infectious disease hospitals, such as the shelter hospital. Temporary construction and centralized placement of patients lead to poor experience of patients in the building. For the design of hospital ward, increasing ultraviolet radiation is the role of natural light in material level to help slow down the epidemic. Rainy days often make people feel lost and depressed, sunny days often make people feel relaxed and happy. It can be seen that on the spiritual level, natural light can also cure people, and patients are in urgent need of spiritual healing. What is the hope for children? Hope may be that rainbow, that starlight. So how to make the rainbow not only belong to the outdoors, how to make the starry sky not only belong to the night? How to make hope introduce into the room with natural light? This is what we need to solve next.