Daylight Investigations



Alexandra Smorodinova, Iuliia Arkhipova


Elena Mitrofanova


National Research University, Higher School of Economics (HSE)


Russian Federation


Project Description

Under the current climate change, architecture cannot remain unchanged and not respond to environmental challenges. Architecture should be a replica, a response to the growth of generic cities. Architecture is created by humans for humans. During the whole life, we are under its influence. Throughout the history of mankind, it expressed the values of the era. In the context of an impending environmental crisis, architecture is screaming about the need for nature replication in the city. The main value is the ability to breathe. Through attempts to reproduce nature in architecture, we recognize the degree of responsibility of man for his changed world. To implement these ideas, BPV-system technology was chosen, which allows people to grow algae and receive not only energy but also oxygen thanks for the daylight. The city has become a mechanism focused on oxygen production and the introduction of nature integrated into technology into everyday life. So, not only buildings generate energy and purify the air with the help of facade systems, but people also maintain algae farm at home for a healthy microclimate. Masked people filled with algae appear on the streets. Masks allow you to breathe freely and feel involved in nature and global values - the return of a healthy ecological environment to megapolises. In our project we have grown algae with daylight and LED light in our lab, which could we used for getting energy and oxygen. It could be used by everyone in cities, and in the future to solve problems with breath and energy consumption.