Daylight Investigations



Shih-Chen Hsu, Yi Fang Chiu, Tzu Fang Yang, Jia Fang Li, Yue Ying Hao


Chung Wang Hsu


National Cheng Kung University




Project Description

The Berlin Wall that separates East and West Berlin, the 17th Parallel that was a constant war between north and south Vietnam, the 38th Parallel that separates the two worlds of North and South Korea. All of these are well known democratic and communist borders. However, in Taiwan, there lies a less known history. A hundred years ago, Kinmen played a substantial role in the war between the communist party of China and the Republic of China (democratic). As the communist party won the war and took over China, this part of history gradually faded into the background. People around the world are not familiar with this crucial part of history, and even some Taiwanese people tend to overlook Kinmen. Shuang Ru Shan Tunnels and Bunkers were one of the few combat zones in Kinmen. Although the tunnels and bunkers are still there today, there lacks preserving and interpreting this part of our history. Because of urban development and the new need for infrastructure, a new road was planned to be constructed between north Kinmen and the airport. When Shuang Ru Shan Tunnel came between building new infrastructure, the government choose to cut off the tunnel resulting in it being now in two pieces. We would like to make a proposal with natural light that reminds us that we should remember and value our past. Furthermore, to bring light into what was once a tragic part of history. Under the installation, one will be able to experience the days of battle when kids were handcuffed and forced to join the army. Users can see the storyline of them leaving their families to train and combat in the war. Interacting with the images caused by natural light can help visiter understand this part of forgotten history. The thin metal installation with holes that allows light to shine through will act as bridging the gap between the split tunnels. Furthermore, connecting what was once unified and whole. The metal symbolizes the vast amount of cartridge cases used in the wars. When the wind blows through, the rattling sound reminds us of the battlefields that once existed on these lands. When walking through the tunnel natural light becomes the spiritual guide that leads one through the whole experience of bunkers, tunnels, military slogans, base camps, and finally to our installation where it is the brightest area but carries the darkest stories of history.