Daylight in Buildings

Brilliant & Blind


Xinyi Xue, Sunxie Huang, Xiaowan Zhang


Lili Wang


Shanghai Institute of Technology


China - Mainland

Brilliant & Blind

Project Description

Project background: Current Mental Health Status of Chinese:With the rapid development of natural science and the coming of information age,people's mental sub-health and morbid are becoming more and more common. Common mental health problems include emotional disorders, depression and anxiety,lack of security, and negative thinking. Behind the "Buddhist Youth": more than 54 million depression patients in China tend to be younger:According to the report of the WHO, at present, depression is showing a trend of younger and younger. Among the patients with depression in China, the proportion of college students is increasing year by year.One quarter of Chinese college students admit to having depression symptoms. Under pressure, the mental health of college students is particularly important. Site selection: Fengxian university city is located in the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay on the southeast coast of Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is close to the Bihai Jinsha tourist attraction.College students, a seemingly relaxed group, in fact, they bear great pressure. Under the pressure of multiple mountains of study, life, emotion and employment, the mental health of college students has been in urgent need. One by one, bloody facts are constantly warning us to pay attention to the mental health of college students. According to a survey of 126000 college students in China, about 20.23% of them have different degrees of psychological disorders. The Department of science and engineering of a university conducted two comprehensive psychological tests on the freshmen. The results showed that 25% of them had different psychological barriers. According to statistics, the number of college students who have left school due to various psychological diseases has accounted for about 50% of the total number of students who have left school. Terms of Settlement: 1、Pour out one's emotions: 1) Hawthorne Effect: "Hawthorne effect" refers to the Tendency of individuals who realize that they are being observed by others to change their behavior. 2) Psychoanalytic Theory: Freud believes that happiness comes from instinct, especially the feet of people's sexual instinct. 3) Theory of Psychotherapy: Humanistic therapist Carl Rogers in the 1950s: visitors grow up, need company, need a safe and fully accepted relationship. 2. Sunshine: 1) Light can stimulate the brain to secrete happy substances. Sunlight and bright light can stimulate the pineal gland to secrete and release a brain hormone. Part of the role of this hormone is to prevent depression. 2) Sunlight can help people to eliminate the deposit of melanin.The bright sunshine can help to eliminate the substance of melanin.In this way, people will become relaxed and happy, and the bad mood will gradually disappear. 3) Sunshine can help patients to establish balance. Emotional Selling Store: The audience walk in the building, with the sun as a companion, leaving their own emotions on the wall to get emotionsal expression. When leaving, take away the items in the building voluntarily and complete the emotional sale.