Daylight in Buildings

Bubble Bath And Art


Alexander Petkov, Theresa Schwinghammer


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien



Bubble Bath And Art

Project Description

A new sports and cultural centre for all generations is to be built in the 10th district of Vienna on the site of the former anchor bread factory. The plot of land to be built on is approx. 50x15m in size and almost north-south oriented. The access road is in the north, along the east side the site rises. The west side borders on the expedition hall, on all other sides the property is not built over. The elements of light and water play a central role in the “bubble bath and art” project, which can also be seen in the facade. The openings in the roof, ceilings and facade make the water theme recognizable from the outside and form a contrast to the surrounding buildings. The levels were staggered according to their lighting needs. By placing light bubbles on the roof in a targeted manner, there is generous light guidance through all floors. In addition, there are daylight spots which are located in round openings in all ceilings of the building. They are flooded with sunlight and are arranged floor by floor in a way that, depending on the time of year and the position of the sun, they transport the light down to the lowest floor. If there is not enough sunlight, artificial light is supplied by LEDs which are controlled by an integrated light meter.