Daylight Investigations

Camera Obscura


Dominika Dydyszko


Anna Lorens,

Piotr Kudelski


Politechnika Warszawska



Camera Obscura

Project Description

Camera obscura is the natural optical phenomenon that leads to the projection of the scene at one side of the screen to the other side. It is directly linked to the fact that rays of light runs on the straight lines and collect information about objects that they reflect. My design returns to that known optic curiosity and makes it into an architectural manifesto about the future in which we don't stop global pollution. A high level of air pollution results, among others, from the high demand for energy for heating and cooling buildings. It also is dangerous for human health or even life. Combining all these elements I designed the future architecture for polluted cities with holes of camera obscura instead of balconies or even all windows. They protect people from contact with polluted air and increase the demand for energy. The small opening creates a projection of "window view" inside of the room so we can be still connected with our surroundings. Intend of the design is to pay attention to the threat of progressive air pollution levels in cities and create an opportunity to show unfriendly conditions of life in that scenario.