Daylight Investigations

Capturing Light


Ameni Ayoub


Mohamed Ben moussa


École nationale d'architecture et d'urbanisme



Capturing Light

Project Description

who doesn’t want to bath and immerse in light enjoying its benefits but more over capture it ? the idea of the project is to capture or “conquer” light by filtering it letting it pass with all its states may it be incident rays reflected or refracted ones. First, walls become rotative panels, be it transparent or opaque, letting us adjust the light by the rotation of each panel. the space enlightened, each disposition of panels and each time create a new sequence, a new ambiance, changing the space itself and our perception to it. Not only that but also, to be fully immersed in light even refracted and reflected rays are thought of and used by introducing water and glazing above it (and on the ground) highlighting the reflexion of space and deforming it , mirroring it sometimes … water and glazing become an element to capture filter and diffuse light within the project.