Daylight in Buildings

Chasing Light


Jianqing Shou, Beiqi Gao


Xinnan Zhao


Zhejiang A & F University


China - Mainland

Chasing Light

Project Description

In today's fast-paced society, people cannot intuitively perceive the change of time through natural light. Time is just a cold number for us, and we lose the intuitive perception of time. The design chooses the subway station as the medium. The traditional subway station usually has no natural light, and people in a hurry often feel anxious and bored. Our design aims to awaken people's memory of light and time. By introducing sky light and interactive devices, the natural light and shade of the waiting room on the second floor of the basement changes with the flow of people, implying the passage of time. The principle of the interactive device is as follows: 1. Mechanical linkage floor: the ground is deformed to a certain degree by the pressure generated by passengers stepping on the ground. The central insulation board in the floor bears the pressure and drives the gear to rotate when the central insulation board moves downward under the action of external forces. The lower support plate at the four corners of the floor is an elastic support with adjustable height. By adjusting the height of the lower support plate, the limit position of the maximum shape variable can be adjusted to change the speed of gear rotation. 2. Dynamic skylight installation unit: This unit drives the change of skylight structure by means of gear linkage on the fixed frame, which is manifested in the fact that two metal plates can rotate 360°, thus realizing the possibility of arbitrary space orientation and natural light access. 3. Effect: When the passenger flow is large, the floor is deformed by pressure, which drives the gear in the floor to rotate. Meanwhile, the gear in the skylight unit is also connected to change the Angle of the skylight metal plate, and the access of natural light is also affected.