Daylight in Buildings



Robert Machura, Krzysztof Stalmasiński


Małgorzata Mader


Politechnika Łódzka




Project Description

War is an element, a destructive force that brings together everything that is bad in one place and time. That is why, especially during the war, people focus on the most effective protection of life. Despite this, its devastating action ruined the plans and dreams of an underestimated number of people living over the centuries in different places around the world. Wroclaw is one of the major victims of war operations. Armed to the teeth, converted into a fortress, it took on the heaviest blows of the enemy, protecting what was most precious. The life of people living there. In the beginning, there was light. Shocking brightness, pulsating, fascinating world, beguiling with the amount of what is unknown and captivating with the beauty of what has been discovered. We staggered toward the sky, sometimes just to hit our head against the glass ceiling, but sometimes, in the maze of events we find the right path and climb up. We wander, battered, more or less happy, always relentless. We are watching the things we love are gone. Sometimes we leave just to go back and once more, wander around. Meanders of time are slowly straighten their course. They shoot fast forward, overtaking us, rushing at breakneck speed. We are taking an uneven race against time, doomed to failure. There is already less light. Sky falls on our heads, gently stewing us with its weight. It keeps us in an increasingly stronger, hug, that takes our breath away. Life is a journey. However, we are not alone. All the time we are accompanied by light, a medium that leads us by the hand like a good friend, raising our spirit in difficult times. This amazing, ubiquitous material is able to affect us deeply, calm us down, put us in a sublime mood. Light is our front-runner in the orchestra of the world. Without it, we feel threatened and secluded. It is light that shapes us as a human beings, creates memories, allows us to explore the world. We are completely dependent on this raw material, but somehow its glow disappears in the midst of colorless, gray everyday existence. The building is located in one of the biggest citys of southern Poland - Wroclaw. It was designed in 1941, during the WWII as a bomb shelter for residents of Breslau. It is important to remember that, during the WWII Wroclaw was a nazi-german city The Path of Life is created from different rooms, using daylight to remind people about the importance of light in their lives, and also the fact that life is a journey that unfortunately has to end.