Daylight Investigations

CITY RESPIRATOR —— Providing a flexible air clean solution to solve haze and virus


Zhang Nan, Fu Yue


Deng Xing


Guilin University of Technology


China - Mainland

CITY  RESPIRATOR  ——  Providing a flexible  air clean solution to solve haze and virus

Project Description

We try to solve the two problems mentioned above by using solar energy to provide a flexible new clean air purification solution.First, in order to deal with the contradiction between larger sunlight contact surface and smaller support surface and the flexible organization mode, we tried to use umbrella arch as the basic unit for design.Second, considering energy conversion relationships and usage requirements, we are converting solar energy into electricity to meet the energy needs of night lighting and air purifier.Thirdly, by referring to the principles of the mask and the human respiratory system, an air purifier ideal is proposed, which takes into account the requirement of periodic replacement of the filter interface and the convenience of operation and adoapts to the special shape of the umbrella arch.The filter interface is designed as a conical shape, which can be curled into a three-dimensional space with a simple two-dimensional plane.Increase the efficiency of air purification by introducing a fan that imitates the inhale and exhale.Fourth, create some functional components that can be replaced or added through various detailed design ideas of umbrella arch unit to meet various human needs.For example, shutters provide some interesting shadows;The overhanging and tight eaves create a light and delicate unit image;The circular glass walls provide a enclosed space;The seat around the column solves the need for rest. Finally, this proposal will have significant flexibility and can be applied in a variety of ways.