Daylight in Buildings

Ciudad Suspendida


Maximo Leandro Torres


Sergio Ardoain,

Oscar Lorenti,

Hugo Guete


Universidad Católica de La Plata



Ciudad Suspendida

Project Description

Natural light as an importance to define the way in which we are going to live, avoiding disrespect for our planet and the resources it provides us. The city today does not understand its surroundings, it has little to do with everything that happens around it. We do not prepare a space that meets the needs of a better habitat. This new intention that is proposed to a city that does understand its environment and imitates it, opening its spaces, making a study of natural light, making it enter the largest number of living spaces and reach the land, as happens in forests. This will improve our quality of life and the course of all the elements of the system where we belong. Today the importance of natural light for cities and homes in particular is understood. The fully structured city formed in most cases by orthogonal plots or squares. It is evident that the highest percentage is poorly oriented, surrounded by vehicular traffic, polluting the sector. To raise ourselves to look up, approaching the sun, separated from our land, giving it its place but having ours. Opening the buildings, exploiting them completely in this way, absorbing as much natural light for as long as possible. Defying hereby the way to create our cities, to review the spaces and orientations as an initial starting point together with other external agents. They will be in charge of generating the spaces, we will then do architecture in the best way, in an effective way. Study natural light in architecture in urban sectors and thus form doubts to develop new strategies for improvement. Present a change in the way of thinking about cities, a new way of opening not only buildings but opening the block. Break the grid that limits so much. Forming natural cities and totally natural routes.