Daylight Investigations

CLEAN-UP Footbridge


Anna Szyc


Anna Lorens,

Piotr Kudelski


Politechnika Warszawska



CLEAN-UP Footbridge

Project Description

Only this year more than 350 000 people all over the world died from coronavirus (covid-19) disease. In an increasingly industrial world, harmful emissions from vehicles and factories are polluting the atmosphere around us, causing health problems in urban areas. Only air pollution causing 4.2 mln deaths per year. Additionaly, nowadays, it is more and more often spoken about cons of daylight. Not only exposure to UV light is harmful for our skin, but it is also very dangerous for our eyes. Footbridges are places where the largest amounts of pollution are collected. They are usually in a poor condition and the ads are hung on them. At night they are dimly lit and because of this people are afraid to pass that way. ClEAN-UP Footbridge is a solution to save the world. It is protecting us from viruses, pollution and UV light. That transulent surface is barely visible at day, but is giving light at night. It blends in with the surroundings, so that is why we can use it wherever we want around the world. TITANIUM DIOXIDE (TiO2) AS A CURE IN TODAY’S WORLD Titanium dioxide is one of the most promising photocatalysts to remove environmental pollution and to generate hydrogen from water under sunlight irradiation. What is more titanium dioxide is also used to kill viruses and bacteria and to decompose organics via photocatalysis (exposure to light, especially ultraviolet). DEFENSE AGAINST A SUNLIGHT POLLUTION Holes in my shade will consist of transparent polycarbonate anti uv coating, that will enable sunlight come inside, however stop harmful ultraviolet radiation. VERSATILITY Globally, architects and building owners can use CLEAN-UP surface especially on the exterior surfaces of buildings. Regardless of the age of a building, surface can be easily assembled at the outward level. Notably for shopping centres or office buildings and the like.