Daylight Investigations

Co-Light Co-Light


Habin Park, Yoona Lee


Jae Kyung Kim


Hanyang University


Korea (Republic of)

Co-Light Co-Light

Project Description

Every year commercial divers are 1000 times more at risk to die compared to the average occupational group. Through numerous researches about the environment and the interviews with commercial divers, we could deeply understand their difficulties. The difficulties were in the environment they work in: the sea. Above and underwater had the exact opposite situation. The upper water was too bright and hot for divers that had to wait for hours exposed directly to the sun. On the other hand, the sunlight could not reach their workspace underwater. The divers working more than 50 meters deep faced problems related to poor visibility. Even in this hazardous condition, the divers must keep working. The key to overcome these difficulties was in their co-working system. Despite their elaborate co-working system, the fundamental problem remained. It was the poor environment upper and under water. We propose an architectural solution to these environmental issues with a simple touch. While developing our idea, the divers’ co-working system inspired us through the whole project. Our project suggests a portable modular system fit to a human scale so that the divers could carry the shade and light flexibly. Just as the divers work better when working as a team, our project works much better when they come together. Through experiments using 3d printed modules and optic fibers, we could make the hypothetical project that we designed through analysis come to life. This design opens up various combination of modules that could work as an architectural space. Currently, the field of architecture is limited to the ground. We think that the sea also has many possibilities to be developed as an architectural field and we hope that this project will be one of them.