Daylight Investigations



Zeynep Şahin, birsu kambur


Aslıhan Çevik


Izmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü




Project Description

There are many oramnlık areas and parks in Turkey. However, the illumination of these areas remains insufficient, therefore, they are not illuminated enough at night, they remain dysfunctional . Especially those areas that are designed to be socialized are not illuminated or some of them are dark, and this creates a security problem. In order to be a lighting designed for trees, it was supposed to be a product that would be a whole with nature in our floating design idea. In line with the data we obtained, we have seen that we can store solar energy during the day and use this energy for lighting at night. That's why we used a flexible solar panel so that it can count in cocoon form. Our solar panel, consisting of modules designed as a five-inch equilateral triangular prism, allows us to receive sunlight from any angle. In addition, using flexible materials, the tree branch grows every year, and the tree branch expands with our tree, without changing the shape of the tree branch and without damaging the tree, so that the cocoon grows in the cocoon with the tree branch, increasing its light-receiving capacity. Most tree species in Turkey and we have to search their whole way so we wanted to design an integrated tree without damaging the tree. TREE TYPES FOOTPRINT Oak 5.886.195 Turkısh Pine 5.610.215 Crimaen Pine 4.244.921 Beech 1.518.923 Scots Pine 1.518.929 Juniper 958.423 Fir 548.781 We studied the growth patterns of these seven trees As a result, coco on , which we designed without damaging the tree, can be used in all trees with a branch shape monopodial. The beech tree outside the turkey in coco on can use them