Daylight Investigations

Community Daylight Tower


Zhenpeng Zhang


Zhiqing Zhao


Harbin Institute of Technology


China - Mainland

Community Daylight Tower

Project Description

Hong Kong is the third largest financial center and the most densely populated city in the world. There are 7,482,500 people living in the area of 1106.34 square kilometers, with an average of more than 6,700 people per square kilometer. City congestion has an important impact on the construction environment, and therefore, a lot of Monster Buildings have emerged. People live a suffocating life here, and daylight is also a scarce resource here. Such buildings are mostly in surrounded form, the towering concrete buildings rise on all three sides, leaving only a small, U-shaped gap of sky on the top. People living here cannot enjoy good daylight, and the discrimination from economic, social and sanitary environment also brings them unpleasant experience. According to the narrow building environment of Monster Buildings, an exploration that can provide good and sufficient daylight between the three sides of the building is the main theme of this design. Now that we have built high walls around, leaving only a ray of daylight to shine down. Then let us grow upward, and the light can grow downward. This is the simple design concept. The project considers light and people, and the connection between them. Light is given the form during the growth, and with the form, we can perceive its existence. What is important is that during the growth of light, let the residents of the community perceive the most basic form of light, and light manifests itself in the process of transmission. This process consists of the transformation of the basic geometric form. Inside the tower is the space for the transmission and transformation of skylight. In this process, the light also illuminates a series of basic forms, such as triangular cones, cubes, etc. This is the place where the skylight is displayed to the community residents. The community residents arrive here through the sightseeing ladder, and they can explore and perceive the most essential form of light. Here, light to give people unreservedly. This design hopes to evoke the emotional resonance in people's hearts by telling the language of light, like illuminating objects, and illuminating their psychological world, thereby affecting their daily life, and giving them surprises and expectations. By building a community light tower in the community, on the one hand, it tries to solve the lighting problem of residents, and another important aspect is to provide residents with a "community image" through light, so that they can change their perception of the community's bad environment, and re-understand and feel the community. Light is here to play the role of infrastructure first, and at the same time it is designed to enhance residents' living confidence. Through this design, we try to change the ideas of the community residents, because the improvement and improvement of the community environment often starts from the change of the residents' ideas, which is also the importance of light design.