Daylight Investigations

Cooling Structure


Nina Kempa


Anna Lorens,

Piotr Kudelski


Politechnika Warszawska



Cooling Structure

Project Description

My project is a solution for heat island phenomenon. I was investigating the cause of cities overheating. I wanted to find the best way to solve that problem. Due to my research the main reason of heat island is lack of ventilation and greenery in concrete covered cities. In my opinion the best way to prevent the heat island effect is by smart planning but usually it is too late for it. I focused on the existing situation in the modern cities. Currently I am living in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Few years ago that effect was only an abstraction for that latitude, but because of the climate crisis it has change drastically. My interest was to find easy and multifunctional system to reverse the heat situation in the most effected part of the city. I have created the modular structure which is very versatile and can adapt to different spaces. The base of which the whole construction is made of are wooden profiles (3 x 3 cm). They are connected at an angle of 90 degrees in every direction. Design itself is working as shader, but it is not enough to reduce heat island effect. To such a simple frame I am adding the “filling” that can generate the significant temperature decrease. This supplements are: pots with plants, black thorn (thorn house elements), cooling pipe (wind tower), roofing elements and solar panels (to collect energy to use during night as street lamp).