Daylight in Buildings

Cristal Plant


Ewa KuryƂowicz, Aleksandra Oszczak


Anna Lorens


Politechnika Warszawska



Cristal Plant

Project Description

CRISTAL PLANT The modular, intelligent greenhouses are designed in three sizes. Their intelligent structure allows for the construction of curtain walls in any type of building. Thanks to its properties, Cristal Plant retains heat in the interior, which makes the climate suitable for growing plants. In addition, the amount of water, light and temperature can be electronically changed by the user thanks to the smart system designed, which enables remote control thanks to an application on a mobile device. The shape of Cristal Plant was inspired by the shape of the crystal. Its outer pane is shaped in such a way that the inside of the module collects as much sunlight as possible, while giving reflected light to the modules below.