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Darkness of War

Project Description

In historical wars, the bunker was the soul pupil of the battlefield. Sitting and watching the half-century beacon of the Taiwan island was a battle totem and a common memory of the citizens. As the situation on both sides of the Chinese mainland eased, these bunker heroes who lost their battlefields lay idle in the smoke and grass, haggardly changing over the years. Kinmen was the origin of that battlefield. The bunker began to appear in the War of Resistance Against Japan in 1937. After the Second World War, the Republic of China Army took over the gate and quickly established the bunker. Then, in 1948, when the situation on both sides of the strait increased, the bunker was at its peak. In the Battle of Ningtou, the 132 Highland Long Liao Bunker District in the battle, the Chinese Communist Liberation Army that retreated from the bunker at a high altitude, and after the Surrender on the coast of Guningtou, the national army won the battle and held it. Kinmen then guarded Taiwan, and these bunkers played an important role. In the bunkers, there are different types according to the type, such as machine gun fort (attack the enemy), resident bunker (defense supply), Haiphong fort (surveillance of enemy situation), these bunkers are partially buried underground to defend against artillery fire, and are composed of 1-3 shots and recon It is composed of a vent and a port. The thickness of the wall is 1.5 meters to 2 meters. It can withstand shells. The material is dense steel bar thickened heavy wall. Because of the lack of fine sand, it is taken locally and red clay sand is used to mix the concrete. Let the bunker appear dark red. During the war, artillery shells fired, hiding in the dark and waiting for the enemy to strike at any time, afraid of exposing themselves but having to be brave. Light and shadow separate the two places, with a bright color on the outside; dark and dull inside, two different worlds. The light is introduced into the bunker from the upper vent, and changes with time, showing different light and shadow positions, using the device,the piezoelectric material below the ground of the bunker is energized, and the sun tracking control system is activated.The motor drives the two-axis tracker to rotate the light guide plate. the light will be reflected to different positions. So we can experience the wartime style though the light and shadow changeing throughout the day in five minutes . As if waiting for the enemy for a long time in the bunker, the old war history corresponds to the present state, causing human reflection. At a special time, the light is projected into the slogan inside the bunker, and the slogan is colored in the dark bunker, so that human beings can appreciate the value of peace today; when the light is reflected through the mouth, it will guide the eyes outward and feel the style of Golden Gate , Brown planting and soil changes; the sunlight is scattered by the atmosphere and the seasons change to produce different sky blues; and the warm orange-brown village buildings below the hillside. These colors are in sharp contrast with the darkness of the bunker. Experience reflective war.