Daylight Investigations

Daylight and water experience


Anna Grabowska, Kamila Dylik, Aleksandra Keler


Natalia Sokół


Politechnika Gdańska



Daylight and water experience

Project Description

Our project presents daylight and water experience. It is a complex of floating residential buildings on the Motlawa river. This place encourages to spend time outdoors because it is surrounded by greenery and water. However, it could be also a place, where people can spend time during the isolation. Even though, it is in the center of Gdansk, it could be a safe place to share in nature. The effect of our analysis is play with daylight. We decided about artistic using of materials which reflect the light. We designed solutions, which reduce high illuminance and at the same time give pleasure to the eye. It is an experience path which creates environment more colourful.